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Three Advantages To Getting Custom Molded Plastic Cases For Your Tool Storage Needs

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If your business requires the use of a large amount of tools, figuring out how to store everything cheaply and efficiently can be a very difficult task. Luckily, through the power of plastic molding, it’s perfectly possible to get a large amount of specialty cases designed for you without having to wreck your bank account. Take a look at these three advantages to getting custom molded plastic cases for your tool storage needs. Standardization Will Make Bulk Storage Easier When you order a large number of plastic cases all at once instead of gradually acquiring a lot of differently-shaped cases, standardization becomes much easier. In addition to making the cases easier to fit on top of one another, you can design the cases in such a way that they’ll fit cleanly into your main storage shed without wasting any space. Standardization will also be of great benefit when you need to move a lot of cases onto and off of a transport vehicle at once. Since you won’t have to take any notice of any particular case’s unique shape, packing everything in tightly will be a no-brainer. Foam Inserts Can Be Easily Customized To Fit The Contours Of Your Tools In addition to customizing the exterior of your cases, you’ll also be able to choose exactly what kind of foam inserts to encase your tools in. This is especially important if your tools contain a lot of oddly-shaped and fragile parts that are prone to breaking if they’re allowed to move around in a case freely. Customization also means you can optimize each foam insert so that they’ll hold the absolute maximum number of tools possible in a confined space. As long as most of your tools are light enough to not crush an unusually thin foam layer, this will greatly cut down on the number of crates you need to order. You Can Color Code The Cases For Different Types Of Tools Why resort to small packing labels that are prone to discoloration when you can color code the actual crate exteriors? This will save you a lot of headaches when a specific job only requires you to take tools of a certain class out of your storage shed. Even after color coding, you can ensure that you’ll always be able to tell your custom crates apart from other crates in a pile through a distinctive handle design. Make the color of this handle design consistent across all your crates to combine the benefits of both uniformity and differentiation. To learn more, contact a company like Qualicase...

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3 Things To Look For When Choosing Reset Relief Valves

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Reset relief valves are commonly used in the oilfield industry to help prevent spikes of high pressure. This helps protect all of your equipment and keep things moving along smoothly. For best results, you’ll want to choose the right reset relief valves, and looking for these things can help you do so. 1. Look for a One-Piece Body Some reset relief valves feature two pieces that screw or otherwise attach together, while others are made with a one-piece body. The positive thing about a one-piece body is that you don’t have to worry as much about failure. Since the high pressure that moves through these valves can sometimes force the two pieces to come apart, this is something to consider. Also, valves with a one-piece body stay together while being stored, so you don’t have to worry about finding separate pieces when you are installing a valve — instead, one piece will do the trick. 2. Make Sure Pistons and Seals Can Be Removed Even though you’ll want a one-piece body, it is best to look for reset relief valves that have pistons and seals that can be removed quickly and easily. This is important for a few reasons; first of all, you will not have to replace the entire valve each time that a seal goes out, which can save you money. You also don’t have to worry about completely removing the valve when repairs need to be made; instead, you or your employees can quickly switch out a seal or a piston on-site, which can make repairs a whole lot faster and easier. 3. Choose a Valve with a Strong Insert These types of valves have to do a high-pressure job in high-pressure situations. This means that they need to be strong. One way to help guarantee this is to look for reset relief valves that feature strong body inserts, such as those that are made out of nickel. The body insert helps protect the valve from the high levels of pressure that it is exposed to on a daily basis and can help keep the valve in good condition. Having various valves and other similar parts on hand can make your job in the oilfield industry a whole lot easier, but you’ll want to take the time to find the right kind. Looking for these three things when searching for reset relief valves can help you enjoy higher-quality, easier to use parts. For more information, contact a company like Sylvan Lake Advantage Valve Maintenance...

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Own A Business And Sick Of Washing Multiple Loads Of Laundry For Hours? Upgrade And Save Time And Money

Posted by on Jan 12, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Own A Business And Sick Of Washing Multiple Loads Of Laundry For Hours? Upgrade And Save Time And Money

If you have to do some laundry for your business and you can’t always fit everything in one or two loads, it may be time to get a commercial washer and dryer for the property. There are a lot of advantages to purchasing commercial quality equipment, especially when you know the appliances will get a lot of use. Here are just a few of the reasons why a commercial washer and dryer may be the best for your business.   Save Time Do you have to do multiple loads because your regular washer and dryer doesn’t fit a lot of towels or linens in one load, or do you have to wash things over because they don’t get clean the first time? Do you have to run the dryer more than once to get the clothes dry? The commercial washer will clean clothes the first time, and you can do large loads to get everything done in fewer washes. The dryer can hold more and will get everything dried so you aren’t waiting for another cycle to run before you can  fold everything, so it isn’t wrinkly or damp sitting in the dryer all night. Save  Money Running the machines more times means you’re using more water, more detergent, more electricity and more gas. Getting larger machines means you can cut down on your utility usage, which could be adding a lot of cost to your bills. The commercial grade appliances are also built to last longer, and to be used frequently. Getting higher quality appliances means they should last longer. Get a Gas Dryer If you can, it’s best to get a gas dryer for the space, because the gas dryers are more efficient than electric. It may cost more to purchase a gas dryer when you compare the purchase price for the appliance, but you’re going to end up saving a ton of money over time with each load that you dry. The gas dryers also dry items more quickly than electric. If you are tired of the current washer and dryer you have for your commercial space and you want appliances that are more efficient, it’s time to shop for commercial options. They are going to be bigger, you can buy the efficient models, and they are going to be robust for all your washing and drying needs. See what you can sell your old ones for and use that money towards your new upgrades. Look into your options, such as Maytag from Harco, to learn...

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Consider Fiber Cement Siding For Your Home

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Choosing the right siding for your home is a time-consuming process. You not only have to pick out the perfect color, you also have to choose the type of siding material you’ll use. You want to consider your budget along with the amount of maintenance the siding will need when deciding which type of siding is best for you. You may find that fiber cement siding is the best choice because it has several advantages over other siding materials. It gives you the durability of masonry with the visual appeal of wood. Here’s a quick look at this siding option. How Fiber Cement Siding Is Made Fiber cement siding is made from wood pulp, cement, water, and a filler such as sand. These ingredients are mixed together and then fused solid under high temperatures. By being composed of both wood and cement, the siding has the advantages of both. It has the durability and strength of cement while having the appearance and flexibility offered by wood. The siding is available in shingles, sheets, or planks. They can be made to mimic the appearance of wood or stone. You can paint the siding any color you choose, or you can buy the siding with the color baked on by the manufacturer. When the color is added by the manufacturer, it lasts for years without the need to repaint. Why It’s So Durable The cement portion of the siding is what makes it so durable. Although it also contains wood fibers, they are not attractive to insects since they are encased in cement. In addition to resisting insects, the siding is also fire resistant. It tolerates weather extremes without cracking thanks to the flexibility offered by the wood pulp. Fiber cement protects your home from the elements and from pests. It is suitable for all climates since it isn’t bothered by temperature extremes or humidity. Since it offers some protection from fire and other damage, you may even get a discount on your homeowner’s insurance when you install fiber cement siding. Since it’s so durable, it means the siding requires little maintenance over the years. If you paint it after it’s installed rather than buying siding with the color baked on, you’ll have to keep up with repainting every few years. Otherwise, about all you’ll need to do is wash the siding occasionally and check it to make sure it isn’t working loose in places. Fiber cement siding is heavy, which makes it a good choice if you live in an area with frequent storms and strong winds. However, its weight makes it difficult to install. It can also be cracked if you drop it, so if you decide to install fiber cement siding, it’s probably best to plan on hiring a contractor to do the job rather than attempt a DIY...

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4 Safety Tips For Garage Doors

Posted by on Aug 10, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 4 Safety Tips For Garage Doors

The garage door is one of those parts that does not get too much attention until something goes wrong with it. However, it is important that you are mindful of how to safely use and maintain the door at all times to prevent injury to humans and property. Here are some tips for ensuring your door is as safe to everyone as possible.  Keep the Garage Door Clear Even if you are not using the garage door that much, it is important that the area around the door is kept clear. If something is placed against the door and you forget, there is a good chance you could be in for a surprise when you do open it. Periodically check the door to ensure no one else has put anything in front of it.  Oil the Garage Door Chain The garage door chain needs to be properly lubricated to ensure that it does not hang up or break. Even if you have a gear drive, it needs lubrication. Use a silicone-based lubricant to prevent moisture from building up in the areas in which you use the product. Check the chain or gear drive at least once a month to see if lubrication is needed. You should also apply some if the chain is particularly noisy and creaks when opening and closing your door.  Wait for the Door to Completely Close If you have gotten into the habit of pressing the button to close the garage door and then driving off, now is the time to break that habit. Garage door sensors tend to be very sensitive. As such, anything can trigger it to reverse, which means that your home is left vulnerable to outsiders. Taking the time to wait helps to ensure it is closed and that your home is secured.  Check for Balance The balance of your door is important. If it is imbalanced, your door could fly open or close when you try to manually operate it. This could result in injury. To test the balance, manually try to open the door slowly. If it does so without any problems, then your door is fine. However, if it closes back swiftly once its open and after you have released it, you need to call in a technician to adjust it.  Talk to your garage door repair professional about other safety steps you can take to protect your property and...

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4 Reasons To Hire A Demolition Company Instead Of Renting The Equipment

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If you are having industrial demolition work done, you may be thinking about renting the equipment and doing it yourself or having your employees do it. However, there are a few reasons why you should use a professional demolition company instead. These are a few reasons why. 1. Ensure You Have the Proper Permits In many areas, you have to have certain permits in order to do demolition work. You might not know much about these permits or how to get them, but a demolition company should handle all of this for you. They will help you ensure that you are complying with the law without having to go through the aggravation of obtaining the permits yourself. 2. Have the Job Done More Quickly A professional team, like Rockridge Industrial Services salvage, will be able to get the demolition job done more quickly than you and your employees would be able to. These professionals typically have better equipment and more experience, which means that they really know what they are doing. Since time is money in the industrial industry, this can save your company a lot of money by preventing the halt of production for any longer than necessary. 3. Avoid Lawsuits As you probably already know, demolition is very dangerous. If you and your employees attempt to handle a demolition project, there is a good chance that someone could get hurt, especially if you don’t really know what you are doing. This could lead to major lawsuits and could cost your company a lot of money. If you hire professionals to tackle the job, however, you can help ensure that the job is done correctly and safely. Plus, these companies generally have insurance, so if something does happen, you don’t have to worry about your company being held responsible for it. 4. Use it as a Tax Write-Off There’s a good chance that you’ll be able to use your demolition services as a tax write-off. Keep all of your receipts, and talk to your tax preparation professional about it.  There are many reasons why your industrial business might be in need of a demolition crew. Even though you might be thinking about skipping one of these services and handling everything yourself, it’s smart to hire a professional demolition company instead. Even though you will have to pay for these services, you can save a lot of time and money in the long...

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What Goes Into Building A Pipeline?

Posted by on Jun 3, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on What Goes Into Building A Pipeline?

Pipelines are used to carry liquids from one place to another. Generally they are used to transport crude oil from the well to a collection point for further transportation or to a refinery so that the oil can be refined and then sent to be sold. But, have you ever wanted to know how pipelines are constructed? It’s more than just putting a pipe down and putting another pipe next to it.  Planning Before any kind of construction happens, it’s important for the builders to come up with the right planning. That includes doing things like surveying the pipeline, doing soil evaluations, and getting permission for the right of way. Surveying the route will include finding the most direct route, as well as the one that avoids too many features like rivers, lakes, hills, or mountains. The pipeline can negotiate those land features, but it is more difficult to build it.  Getting permission for the right of way is another issue. Sometimes the pipeline will have to go through a person’s property. The pipeline construction company can’t just dig trenches for pipes or put pipe across a person’s land without permission. That permission is called right of way. It’s a legal document that says that the landowner gives permission not just for the pipeline to go through their property, but also for the pipeline company to manage and maintain the pipeline. That can also include doing things like cleaning up any spills.  Construction The pipes for the pipeline are generally made up of a corrugated steel. The diameters will defer, depending on how much oil or gas needs to go through them. Generally, the pipes will be big enough to get a significant flow, but not so big that there is empty space in the pipes. That is a waste of space altogether. Construction can also include things like having to dig a trench for the pipeline to be buried in. Usually, pipelines aren’t buried, or aren’t buried deeply. That’s because the pipes will need to be easily accessed if something goes wrong. Also, soil shifting can cause the pipes to separate, causing a leak. So, the pipes would be laid above the ground, usually on some kind of support. For example, the Alaskan pipeline is several feet above ground, supported by posts placed under the pipe joints.  Pipelines are an important part of the oil and gas transportation system. There are many parts that go into the construction of any new pipeline. For more information, contact a business such as Fabcor 2001...

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Liquefied Petroleum Gas Forklifts Vs. Electric Forklifts

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When you are looking to purchase a forklift, chances are excellent that you want a forklift that won’t contribute to the pollution in the environment and that won’t cost you a small fortune on fuel. There are two main environmentally friendly forklifts that are currently on the market. The first is the LPG forklift, or a forklift that runs on liquefied petroleum gas batteries. The other is the electric forklift. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Advantages of LPG Forklifts There are a variety of LPG batteries available, which means that you will never have to settle for a battery that does not quite match your forklift, or your budget. This abundance of batteries and of the materials itself makes it relatively easy for you to get the job done without going over your fuel budget.  A second advantage is that a LPG forklift will be able to have consistent power throughout a shift. The batteries are designed to be used for 6 to 8 hours, which is the length of time that a regular shift is. If you simply have your employees change the batteries each time that they clock into their shift, you can be sure that your forklifts will be running smoothly. Advantages of Electric Forklifts One advantage of an electric forklift is that it is very quiet, making it excellent to be used indoors. You don’t have to worry as much about your workers developing hearing problems. Another advantage is that electric forklifts don’t produce any emissions at all. Although both forklifts listed here are environmentally friendly, the electric forklift runs completely clean and will not smog up the atmosphere of an enclosed area. Disadvantages of LPG Forklifts One disadvantage of an LPG forklift is that it is noisier than an electric forklift, making it more suitable to be used outside. A second disadvantage is that the LPG batteries need to be delivered, which can increase the cost of fueling the forklift. These batteries are hard to make and are usually only made in a few factories. Finally, LPG forklifts tend to emit an odor that can become overwhelming if it is collecting in an enclosed area. Disadvantages of Electric Forklifts Electric forklifts tend to be much more expensive to purchase at first, which can be hard on a budget even if you know that the electric forklift will save you money on fuel. An electric forklift will also take an extended period of time to finally reach its maximum speed, which can slow down the material transporting process. For more information, you can talk to a company (like Bugle Forklift Sales & Rentals Ltd) that provides forklifts and describe your...

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Meeting Your Needs While Protecting Your Livestock – Options In Scraper System Design

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The agriculture industry has long been the backbone of the Canadian economy, and farmers who maintain large herds of livestock have a lot of pride in their accomplishments. They’re also intimately familiar with the challenges surrounding maintaining those herds. Chief among those challenges is being able to handle the volume of excrement produced by those animals. Below, you’ll find a guide to some of your options when designing a scraper system (or getting one through an outlet such as Mid Valley Mfg Inc). By having these possibilities in mind, you can select the system that will best meet your needs while simultaneously guaranteeing that you won’t be stuck dealing with quantities of waste that you may be unprepared for. Flush Systems If your farm is located in an area with a robust sewer system and you have adequate clearance from groundwater, a flush system may be the appropriate choice for your farm. The introduction of water will dilute the waste and allow it to be easily cleaned away, removing a great deal of the difficulty from the labor. Maintaining a flush system will require reliable access to water as well as a guarantee that the waste can be safely processed. You should be sure to take the added water costs into account when contemplating transition to a flush system. Dry Scraping Systems For farmers who have smaller herds or who don’t have reliable access to water, dry scraping remains a viable option. Most dry scraping systems include a mechanism for breaking up larger pieces of waste, guaranteeing that it can be brushed away to a disposal tank that will let it be quickly processed. Another advantage to a dry scraping system is that it maintains the integrity of the waste to be used for other applications. This can make the recycling process somewhat easier, while also guaranteeing that the animal waste could be used as fertilizer if you want to redistribute it for that purpose. Cross Gutter Systems Cross gutter systems are designed for farms with large herds that need to be sure that waste is totally isolated from food troughs. This is an important precaution to take in avoiding the spread of disease throughout your animals, and in closely compacted herds, this risk is magnified. A cross gutter can be used in both wet and dry applications, and will guarantee an efficient waste removal that stops germs from being spread. Your cross gutter will also reduce manual labor by allowing for an automated process of waste...

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Promote Your Company’s Best Characteristics By Hiring A Professional Cleaning Service

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First impressions mean everything when a potential client walks into your office for the first time. If a client sees that your office is dirty and disorganized, it will play a factor into whether or not they decide to conduct business with you. For this reason, it is crucial to set aside a budget dedicated to office cleaning. How you maintain your office space speaks volumes as to who you are as a professional. Not only can office cleanliness tell a potential client about you, it also gives them insight on your staff and how you conduct business. It will also demonstrate how you feel about the work you do. The following is a list of what potential clients will gather about your office if it is cleaned and well maintained. Organization Skills A clean office is the first sign that you are composed. A potential client or customer will feel more at ease conducting business with you if they see that important paperwork is handled with care and not lost in the chaos of your work area. In the event that your office is not composed, it will just cause potential customers to expect that critical records or paperwork will be lost or damaged within the course of the day. Customers and clients need to be certain that their important paperwork can be found immediately and that their records or personal information will be protected no matter what. Dependable Productivity It is very difficult to work productively in a chaotic work space. Your psyche will continually focus on the hoards of loose papers and trash around you. The mess will also keep you from accomplishing work appropriately. Potential customers and clients are aware of this. When somebody strolls into your office in hopes of conducting business with you, your office must be clean if you wish to demonstrate that you are beneficial to them. A clean office demonstrates that you are goal oriented and have a clear mind. A customer would not like to offer business to an organization that appears to be too laid back or lazy to maintain their office or work space. Professionalism And Reliability One of the most important characteristics a potential customer or client searches for in an organization is professionalism. Their initial exposure to this essential trademark is your capacity to keep a clean office. If, your work space is dirty and disorganized when they first meet you, a potential customer or client will feel that you don’t care enough to clean your space, so you won’t have enough professionalism to help them with their needs. Not displaying this professionalism with a clean office will cause the potential customer or client to lose interest before they even sit down to talk with you. Your organization has a great deal to offer. Don’t give yourself the ax by keeping a grimy work space. By contracting a cleaning service, like A Brighter Way, for your office, you will demonstrate to potential customers or clients that you are proficient and that you think about your business and those you work with. This will give potential customers confidence in your organization, productivity, professionalism, and...

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